Our feline guests stay in Kitty City – representing the ultimate in secure, cozy and spacious environments. Surrounding a pristine 5,000 gallon fish tank, Kitty City is the perfect place for stimulating play, unlimited bird watching and tranquil catnaps. And of course, there’s plenty of catnip to go around!

Cat Boarding

Each of our proprietary “cat condominiums” features multiple levels for play/exercise, high-quality bedding, a private litter box area and a separate air purification system to ensure that each guest’s environment remains virtually viral-free.

All of our feline guests are supervised 24-hours per day and receive plenty of personal attention from our highly-trained specialists. Daily housekeeping, fresh water, healthy, wholesome food, and plenty of TLC are standard at The Barkley, plus we offer an extensive selection of lifestyle activities for our guests.

Multiple Family Members

We offer discounts and additional living space for those who would like their family cats to vacation together. Specific room requests are honored on a space available basis and cannot be guaranteed. Room design and furnishings may vary. If you are interested in a package, please contact a reservations associate.

Extended Stay

The Barkley offers discounted pre-paid boarding packages. Discount packages begin at 20 nights, have no expiration date, and are not subject to seasonal and variable rate changes. Therefore, if you will be using 20 nights or more for your pet, this is a convenient and less-expensive way to stay at The Barkley.

Kitten Specialists

The Barkley offers specialized programs that meet the needs of kittens. For more information on how we can make your kitten comfortable, please contact a reservations associate.

Pick-up & Delivery

The Barkley offers door-to-door pick-up & delivery service 7 days per week for your convenience.

Kitty City Feature Video

Channel 3 Visits Kitty City