What is a First Time Evaluation Day?

311054_328073500541840_487494610_nSince Day Camp is not for every dog, every new camper needs to be professionally evaluated to ensure its’ safety and compatibility. Evaluations are only done during the early morning hours (between 7-8 weekdays or between 9-10 Saturday) because it is less stressful for the dog and it increases the chances for a successful evaluation. It is always better to have the “pack” form around the new dog rather than the new guy trying to conform to the already established pack.

420804_398938850121971_1978986211_nThe evaluation begins by removing all other dogs from the play area. The new dog is then brought in and is allowed to check out the play area. Then, one at a time, other dogs are introduced to the newcomer. The goal of the introduction is to observe how the dog reacts. The first several dogs introduced are usually ones known to be “low-key”, mild-mannered, or submissive dogs. Our trainers watch for warning signals, such as: stiffness, stress, high tail carriage, and ears/body forward – all signs of potential increased aggression. If aggression is observed, it must be very mild (i.e. snapping to send a message, without actual contact). Obviously, for the safety of all, any dog who appears overly aggressive will not be allowed in Day Camp. Once a dog is deemed “safe for play” or is ”accepted” into our program, he/she is free to attend our Day Camp any day of the week or as an overnight guest.

The Evaluation Day is one part of our reputable admissions process for NEW CAMPERS.