Specialty Shampoos

We offer many specialized “better than human quality” shampoos designed to address specific coat conditions.  Our cologne shampoo has a longer-lasting scent. Our medicated shampoo is perfect to relieve dry, itchy skin and to leave the coat feeling softer. Our hypo-allergenic shampoo is a fragrance free solution recommended for pets with allergies or sensitive skin. Our waterless shampoo produces results in cases where pets are frightened of water or cannot get wet for medical reasons. And, our Puppy Paradise package is a gentle, tearless, soap-free shampoo perfect for young-ins.


Conditioning Treatments

Our selection of conditioning treatments not only help pets that look and feel beautiful, they are designed to produce results. Our conditioning coat treatment is our basic conditioner which helps smooth and soften the coat. Our black coat treatment nourishes darker coats, while our white coat treatment nourishes and helps restore the bright white color of the coat. And, our oatmeal conditioning treatment relieves dry & sensitive skin. Whether you have a show dog or just want him or her to look or feel like one, our conditioning treatments are the perfect solution.

Kitty's veterinarian combing

Celebrity Package

Our Celebrity Package includes all the essentials for the type of spa day any pet owner would envy.  In addition to a Spa Bath or a Salon Groom, we offer this “best-selling” package to our most discerning guests. It all begins with a mud mask application to detoxify and remove dead skin cells. It is then followed with a facial treatment and twenty-minute head massage. After a good brushing of the teeth and gums, cream is applied to help soothe dry, cracked pads & elbows. Lastly, the service is topped off with a ‘Pawdicure’ consisting of nail smoothing, trimming and colored pawlish.




Teeth Brushing


Facial/Head Massage


Flea/Tick Treatment


De-Shedding Treatment

Our De-Shedding treatment can help you reduce the amount of loose hair in your house by up to 90%!   That means less time spent cleaning and more time to spend enjoying your pet!


Mud Mask




Relaxation Massage